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bamboo pillow

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From our pure collection this bamboo quilted pillow with a 300 thread count percale cover


ANTI-BACTERIAL AND HYPO ALLERGENIC : Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and resists dust mites, making this product ideal for those with Eczema and sensitive skin

THE IDEAL ORGANIC CHOICE: The Bamboo is grown without any chemicals or pesticides.

MOISTURE WICKING: The absorbency properties in Bamboo wicks sweat and moisture from our bodies whilst sleeping

NATURAL CLIMATE CONTROL:The Bamboo pillow regulates and helps maintain an even body temperature.

MACHINE WASHABLE : This product can be machine washed at 30 degrees and dries in half the time of a 100% cotton product.

LUXURIOUS:  Has a 60% Bamboo, 40% cotton 300 thread count casing providing the perfect night’s sleep.

100% microfibre filling

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Dimensions 50 × 75 cm