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Devereux Bedroom range Ebony Ecru Velvet


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One of our latest designs, the devereux Bed ….this is one of our most popular bed choices if you are wanting a look which looks stunning in any room. This design gives the whole room a more elegant and luxurious feel with the added Ebony +velvet look. Handcrafted in the with the most luxurious fabric, this masterpiece is truly a work of art.

5′ – Ebony Ecru Velvet Dimensions:Width: 1650 mm Depth: 2151 Height: 1400 mm

6′ ebony ecru bed Dimensions: Width: 1956mm Depth: 2151 Height: 1400 mm

Bedside table … Dimensions : Width: 580mm Depth: 420 Height: 650mm

5 drawer tall boy Dimensions: Width: 800mm Depth: 480 Height: 1170

7 drawer low chest Dimensions: Width: 1651mm Depth: 483 Height: 925

2 drawer dressing table Dimensions: Width: 1000mm Depth: 450 Height: 750

dressing table stool Dimensions: Width: 750mm Depth: 420 Height: 450 Seat Height: 450

Mirror Dimensions: Width: 1067mm Depth: 800

Wardrobe Dimensions: Width: 1100mm Depth: 600 Height: 1950

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5ft king bed, 6ft Super king bed, Bedside table, 5 dr tall chest, 7 drawer low chest, 2 dr dressing table, mirror, stool, wardrobe