RUG .CES07 Wave


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Like coral reefs along a sandy shoreline, these supremely breath-taking area rugs are awash with colour. They appear to teem with oceanic life as their deep blues, vivid red-orange and gleaming yellow tones flow beautifully from one to the other.

At home in boho chic and modern spaces alike, this Collection area rugs create an open, eclectic vibe. In a nod to contemporary artistry, abstract strokes of blue, grey, ivory, yellow, and pink tones come together for a cool and calming effect. A dense, polypropylene cut pile is soft to the touch and easy to clean, making it an ideal base for your bedroom, living room, or home office decor.Machine woven in Turkey.

100% Polypropylene

Size Options:

1.19m x 1.8m (3’11” x 5’11”) Rectangle
1.6m x 2.21m (5’3″ x 7’3″) Rectangle
2.39m x 3.2m (7’10” x 10’6″) Rectangle

114 x 66*
292 x 201*
366 x 274*
427 x 305*
122 Circle*
160 Circle*
239 Circle*
183 x 61 Runner*
229 x 66 Runner*
305 x 66 Runner*

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119×180, 160×221, 230×320, 66×114, 201×292, 274×366, 305×427, ROUND 122cm, ROUND 160, ROUND 239, RUNNER61X183, 66X229, 66X305